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Animal Academy in Fuerteventura




Volunteering Type


Vegetarian Food

Nearest Airport

Fuerteventura/Puerto del Rosario (FUE)

18 - 99

19/08/2024 - 02/09/2024


Animals, Manual



Nearest Bus/Train Station

The project

Most of the tasks are manual and try to support the inhabitants of the shelter; so be prepared for cleaning, feeding, and especially loving the shelter's animals. Some construction or modification of the infrastructure might be needed. It will depend on the daily needs of the shelter and therefore you might need to support an event, support a presentation or simply participate in a festival. Flexibility and open mindedness is a MUST

Working hours are from 8.00 am to 12.00 plus 2 hours in the afternoon. Volunteers SHOULD BE READY to work actively and realize that the group dynamics and the necessities of the animals need mature and responsible volunteers. If you feel more as a tourist THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE.

Remember that the island is dry and that you will get dirty every day working with animals.

Please click this video to see a normal routine day for volunteers

Accommodation & food

Volunteers will sleep at the shelter which is located way out wub-wub in a remote area. The place is a studio that will be shared with other volunteers, not necessarily coming for a work camp. Therefore, there might be some transit with the group. The accommodation has single beds, a bathroom, a kitchen and common areas within the refuge facilities. Volunteers will have the option to stay at the refuge facilities during the volunteer camp participation period. Volunteers work at least 6 hours a day for 5 days a week.

Location & leisure

TAARAF is located in a remote area. No tourist resorts close. Temperature is very high (we are very close to the Sahara Desert). Dust is everywhere. Be ready to live a rural experience.

Still, we recommend you to stay some days after. Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, offers many alternative and lesser-known places to visit beyond the typical tourist hotspots. Here are some suggestions like Cofete Beach, Betancuria, Ajuy Caves, El Cotillo, La Oliva and Las Salinas del Carmen as alternative places that can provide a deeper understanding of Fuerteventura’s culture, history, and natural beauty, offering a more enriching experience beyond the usual tourist trail.

Project host

The Animal Academy is a shelter for abused or abandoned animals. We take care of the animals, giving them a second chance: here they become superheroes and give a voice to all who, like them, have suffered at the hands of human beings!

These rescued animals have developmental conditions, psychological trauma, and other ailments, but in the shelter, they find a place where they can live the life they deserve without fear.

The project is located in a REMOTE area of the island. Fuerteventura is ARID, DESERTED, AND HOT!!!

Learn more about the project by clicking here,


Enquire below and we'll connect you with one of our volunteering team to help you apply or answer any questions. We can help guide you through the process for a hassle free journey to your next project.

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