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International Volunteering

The life-long benefits of volunteering are endless. The experiences you will gain will help you develop yourself, personally and professionally, and connect you to the global network of volunteers.

About the Programme

There are a million reasons why volunteering is brilliant. Whatever your motivation, we've got resources and projects to make your experience unforgettable.


The type of volunteering you will do varies a lot from project to project and could be anything from environmental work in France, to manual volunteering in Nepal, to conservation work in Mexico. No matter what kind of project you take part in, you will without a doubt come home with a load of new skills. Not only will you have learned skills related to the project you have done, but also resilience and how to overcome the challenges you will encounter during your trip, which will enable you to develop on a personal level.


On Concordia’s volunteering project, you will live and work on an equal basis, with people from many different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of life. This will enable you to communicate, share ideas and learn about each other in many different ways. Cultural differences can be obvious (like language and food) or much more subtle – different ways of working, different expectations, and different social norms. Gaining awareness of these will deepen your understanding and appreciation of the global community.


By joining a Concordia International Volunteering Project, you are not only making an impact on the local community but also on yourself. Your impact will remain long after you finish and return home. We work hard with our global partners to ensure that our projects are ethical and inclusive, addressing the need of the communities of the world.

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for groups of young people aged from 14 upwards to volunteer in projects abroad connected to community work, cultural workshops, and exploring the local area. 

Travel by train



for volunteers resident in the UK participating in UK-based projects. Contact us for details of availability and for an application form.

Flight Board



for people of all ages to undertake meaningful and locally driven volunteering projects worldwide, that take place throughout the year and vary in length.

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“She has returned brimming with stories and a very different outlook on life. I think this may be the start of something for her as I can feel wanderlust oozing from her!""

– Awaken Wanderlust.

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Volunteering with Alliance

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