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International Volunteering

Affordable trips to make a real difference across the world.

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1,000+ Projects

community projects driven by local charities

48 Countries

for volunteering across the entire world

50 Partner hosts

local charities organising sustainable projects


Organised by charities for impact not profit

Choose your travel style

Whether you're a solo adventurer seeking new connections, a teenager eager to make a difference, or a group looking for a bespoke volunteering experience, we've got you covered. Choose your path below and join us in creating positive change around the world.

Group Photo of Volunteers in Forest

Solo Travelling

Find projects where you'll get to join other like minded individuals.


Teenager Volunteering

Find projects suited for young people.

Volunteers in front of cliff

Group Volunteering

We design and organise bespoke group trips to meet your specific needs.

How to apply

We've made applying to our programmes simple, find the projects you like, submit your application and we'll get in contact with you to confirm your placement. Click below to see our step by step guide.

volunteers creating clay

Featured projects

When you sign up for a Concordia volunteering project, you become part of a global network of over 100 charities working to bridge the inequality gap and drive real impact.

The Art of Recycle Project.jpg

The Art of Recycling



Environmental project in Iceland, transforming local trash to community art pieces.

Cirus practise.jpg

The Circus Project



Learn acrobatics, teach the local youth and help set up the circus for the local town.

Witches' Claws Landscape.jpg

Witches' Claws



Help preserve the natural environment while learning about the local eco system.

Sustainable farming and community work action photo

Sustainable Farming and Community Work



Working on farms for sustainable life and helping the local village people.

Enquire with our team

Simply enquire with our expert team and we'll get back to you with a range of projects around your request. If you want to have a look beforehand, you can browse our featured projects available.

Nepal Volunteers
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