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Strategic Leadership

Those elected to serve on the Board of Trustees have a dual role as a Trustee of the charity and a Director of the company. All Trustee Directors are volunteers and are not paid for their services. The Trustees provide Concordia with a wide range of professional expertise in the fields of farming, finance, fundraising and human resources. 

The board meets regularly to take decisions on matters of strategic management and governance, monitoring of operations, health and safety, risk management, setting and amendment of investment guidelines, recommending to the AGM the Statutory Auditors for the coming year, approving the Annual Report & Accounts, keeping the Memorandum & Articles of Association under review and appointing and appraising the Chief Executive who is responsible for the day to day management of the Trust.


Day-to-day management of the charity is delegated to the Chief Executive, according to a Scheme of Delegation approved by the Board. The Chief Executive reports to the Board and works with the senior team and staff to deliver the work of the charity. 

Our Trustees

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