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Get to know the inspiring individuals at Concordia, tirelessly enhancing our youth charity's volunteering and seasonal work programs. Their dedicated efforts aim to broaden our reach both nationally across the UK and internationally, contributing significantly to our mission.


Youth Team

Commercial Operations


Ian Hamer_Headshot

Ian Hamer

Head of Finance

After a varied career in business and finance, I joined Concordia in May 2021 and I'm now delighted to be part of the charity sector. In my spare time I enjoys art, travel, and photography.


Craig Warren

Management Accountant

My responsibilities encompass compiling end-of-month financial reports, managing agent commissions, overseeing Concordia Central, and administering general IT systems.


Margaret Charles-Sifflet


I'm an AAT qualified Accountant and specialise in auditing, taxation and management reporting. The majority of my role involves book-keeping but more importantly I am responsible for invoicing and credit control.



Ewan Cheyne

Digital Marketing Executive

I design and update our digital content across social media, email, and our website. My focus is to highlight our charitable actions and meticulously manage our presence across the digital and physical world.

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