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Benefits of Concordia Volunteering

Affordable, safe, impactful projects led by local initiatives, where you can connect and make a difference.


You may have a pretty good idea of what volunteering involves. You might want to develop new skills, travel abroad, or make a real difference. But unlike holidays, who you choose makes a real difference to your impact.

Concordia has the largest reach of any international volunteering provider with over 1,500 projects and is able to maintain a high standard of projects by being organised and driven by our 50 partner charities across the globe.

Why should I choose Concordia?

1,000+ Projects

community projects driven by local charities

48 Countries

for volunteering across the entire world

50 partner hosts

local charities organising sustainable projects


Organised by charities for impact not profit

We are impact focused,

not money focused

Concordia values continuous learning and improvement. We use robust evaluation frameworks to ensure that each project impacts the community. 

We are a level 4 impact organisation with the Skills Builder Framework, allowing you to reflect on their essential skills before and after applying them.

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All Concordia projects are locally driven

We only connect you with projects that have been requested by a countries' local charity.


Each project will tackle a specific type of activism, such as gender equality, environmental, conservation, or social.

Inclusive Projects

You will live and work on an equal basis, with people from many different cultures, countries, backgrounds and ways of life.


Gaining awareness of these will deepen you understanding and appreciation of the global community.

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Safe, Supported & Satisfied

You'll be given comprehensive pre-departure training sessions, equipping you with essential skills, cultural awareness, safety protocols, and project-specific knowledge.


You will have a local expert, guidance and knowledge by your countries’ charity. This means you’ll get insight into local spots, food, and culture for your leisure and cultural time during your stay.

Find Your Next Project

All of our projects are on the PLATO platform, simply apply for as many projects as you want and we'll get back to you. We're volunteering experts, so feel free to contact us if you need any help or have a question in mind.

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