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Teenager Volunteering

We have projects specifically designed for 16-18 year olds, prioritising a safe environment to explore the world and make new friends


170 Projects

community projects driven by local charities

16 Countries

for volunteering across the entire world

24 Partner Charities

Community lead projects requested by our partners


Organised by charities for impact not profit

Volunteering for teenagers

Have a free summer? Spend yours travelling abroad and making an impact across the world. Our 16+ teenager volunteering projects include itinerary's that will create a fully packed and fun experience for you while you help make a difference to your host's local community. Read below to see some of our featured teenager projects. 

Featured projects

We've listed some of our featured projects that only under 18 year olds are allowed on and last up to 3 weeks so you'll be able to make the most of your time abroad.

Vegetable Farm thumbnail.png

Vegetable Garden: Family Adventure



learn sustainable development alongside other international volunteers at an eco garden.

Nature conservation in Ammerland – Work and Study - group photo.jpg

Nature Conservation in Ammerland



Create an organic garden and build a green roof while learning the moorland culture.

Together on the Edge of the World - Masonry

Together on the Edge of the World



Get traditional masonry lessons in the scenic village of Beaumotte-Aubertans.

Nature conservation on the west coast of northern Germany field.jpg

Nature conservation in northern Germany



Create habitats for endangered birds like lapwings, skylarks, and ruffs.

Empower yourself through volunteering

Join a community of like-minded individuals who embrace solo travel together. Volunteering is an experience that widens your world view and creates a life long memory, you can read some of our volunteers' experiences below.


German campsite work

“This was my first experience of a volunteer project, and I loved every minute of it! I plan on coming back for another project next year- I think that says it all. I left this year’s project with greater self-confidence and the feeling of ‘yes, I can do it’. Making my own way by train through Germany to the campsite and making friends with the people there filled me with a great sense of accomplishment."


Restoring Italian architecture

“The Forte Prenestino is the best place I have ever been to; it's just a beautiful jungle in the middle of the city of Rome. The history of the Forte makes you realise how lucky you are to be here and to volunteer. The people have an amazing sense of community, sharing and support. This experience taught me to be more autonomous, I learnt a lot from the people that live there yearly such as true friendship. The artists that came to the festival were also amazing and I learnt how to see art from different perspective. I am definitely going back next year!”

France Volunteer Project


"The best thing about this project were PEOPLE. Accommodation and the work was very good, but if it all was without those people, it would not have been such a nice experience. We became very good friends in our group, experienced many exciting things and simply had great time together. I think now I can say I have good friends from around the whole Europe – we even plan to meet again, either on Silvester, or the next summer!"

Real. Impactful. Locally Driven

Why choose Concordia?

  • We have many under 18's only projects so you'll be able to work with like minded young people

  • You will get dedicated in person support and emergency support from our team available by phone or email.

  • We work with two global networks to ensure high safety standards with all our charity hosts across the world.

  • Our trips are compliant to the BS8448 standard: Adventurous activities outside the UK

  • Extended support for all volunteers before and during their trip

  • All leaders are trained to work specifically with youth groups

  • Projects starting from £250

  • Excursions, cultural activities, and social events

Volunteers decorating walls

Enquire with our team

Simply enquire with our expert team and we'll get back to you with a range of projects around your request. If you want to have a look beforehand at all our available projects, feel free to look at our volunteering projects available beforehand.

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