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Your Donation's Impact

Your donations go towards supporting immigrant workers, youth, and volunteer projects

NCS Social Action Cleanup

Your generosity today could help a person tomorrow.

Thank you for considering supporting Concordia! Your generosity contributes to transforming the lives of young people and supporting sustainable agricultural practices. Explore how your donation can make a meaningful impact across our three core services: International Volunteering, Seasonal Work Scheme, and Youth Programmes.

Supporting seasonal migrant workers

Support the vital work of Concordia by making a donation today. Your generosity helps with the cultural experiences of the seasonal workers UK farms. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who contribute to our agricultural community. Join us in creating positive change and fostering a stronger, more inclusive society. Donate now and be a part of Concordia's mission to make a difference.

Seasonal Workers in Greenhouse
Concordia Youth Action Adventure Group

Free educational  activities for young people

We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of young people, providing them with a platform to thrive both within and beyond the school gates. Your donation ensures the continuity of transformative activities such as the Sussex National Citizen Service (NCS) and Concordia Youth Action, which are offered completely free of charge to young individuals aged 11-17, or 11-25 if they are on the EHC plan and/or SEND.
By contributing, you become an integral part of sustaining these vital initiatives, with your donation going towards funding the activities and expertise that facilitate these programmes.

Volunteering abroad to help others

We support some incredible young people to go on overseas volunteering projects - enabling them to learn about the planet, change the world and support real people in need across the globe. We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to help anyone, anywhere - and your donation can help ensure that they do.
A donation today helps us continue running affordable volunteering opportunities for young people who would not normally be able to afford travel, or who need additional support to travel. Your donation will go towards covering the admin, travel, food and accommodation costs of a project.

Envi Lößnitz volunteer project
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Donate Today

Help us build a brighter future by clicking the button below to visit our JustGiving page. Together, let's make a lasting impact!
Your support makes a world of difference. By contributing today, you become an essential part of Concordia's journey to empower young minds, support seasonal workers, and create positive global change.

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