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Concordia is a charity that began in 1943

Set up during the Second World War, its original purpose was to recruit volunteer labour to work on farms, to assist with the war effort. Things have progressed considerably since then, with the organisation now recruiting seasonal labour to work in the UK horticulture industry, and with the mission to foster cross-cultural understanding between citizens of different nations.


Our Farm Programme

Concordia has a strong reputation for recruiting seasonal workers that stay the length of their course, collaborating effectively with growers and maintaining high welfare standards. As a non-profit organisation with no shareholders to please, we are able to provide a premium service at a reasonable price. We offer pastoral support to all Concordia members who find themselves in a difficult situation, through no fault of their own, and provide funding (upon application) for growers to spend on activities which enhance the experience of the workers.

Concordia Farm Programme



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