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International Language Camp




Work Type


Disability Access

Vegetarian Food

Nearest Airport

Tallinn (TLL)

14 - 16

04/08/2024 - 17/08/2024






Nearest Bus/Train Station


Project work

ProgramCamp program includes team projects, discussions at the round table, social and sport games, performances in the open air, actions for peace and nature protection, meetings with people, visits to museums and sightseeing as well as presentations of the countries that camp participants and volunteers represent, etc. Every day the camp will have a country presentation, a subject to learn or discuss and a related activity. Teenagers will stay in the camp activities zone from 10:00 to 17:00. There will be one day off in the camp and at least one day of travel outside Tallinn. The day off is spent either under the leadership of a member of the school staff or in the host family. Camp activities will take place in the premises of the language school that is situated in the very centre of the city. To activate teenagers and run the program, there will be a group of international volunteers and members of the local school staff. Special features of this summer:1) All camp shifts with arrivals on 12.06, 24.06, 21.0 and 04.08 include one trip outside Tallinn.2) Participants are welcome to extend their stay for one or two weeks within the camp dates.

Accommodation & food

AccommodationThere are 2 options possible (which is subject to availability):1) In the premises of The Language School In Down-Town located on the 4th and 5th floors of a business building in the city centre. In summer time, a part of the school is reserved for the camp participants accommodation that includes several separate dormitory bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a large shower area and two separate toilet cabins. Apart from bedrooms, the tea-room for rest will be also organized where teenagers might watch films, read and play board games enjoying soft sofas. Bed linen, pillows and blankets will be provided, so you do NOT need to bring a sleeping bag unless you want so. For the reasons of security, minimum one school staff member and one volunteer will be staying with camp participants overnights to maintain life, catering and general order on the site. To facilitate a smooth and safe environment at school during the off-hours, the main entrance to the school must be kept closed at all times. The access to the school and accommodation areas will be managed by long-term volunteers or school staff. Please be aware that you must be inside by 22:00 the latest unless supervised outside by a school staff member. Participants will have breakfasts and dinners at school, lunches i together with other camp participants.2) In the host families of some of 10 local participants who will join this camp. The apartments of the host families may be located in Tallinn or its suburbs. Participants will stay in a separate or shared room. You do NOT need a sleeping bag. Participants will have breakfasts and dinners in their host families, lunches i together with other camp participants in the city. Travel cards will be provided, pick up service at arrival is provided upon request. NB it is not possible to stay at any of the camp accommodation options before or after the camp arrival and departure days. If you need a place to stay before or after the camp dates, we can help you to book a hostel in Tallinn.

Location & leisure

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, the country's largest city with 450 000 inhabitants and nearly as many tourists during summer. You can get a lot of information on Tallinn on, bus station, harbour in Tallinn. Pick up arranged by the school staff or families at the point of arrival is possible upon parents requests. There are a lot of possibilities for leisure time activities since camp will take place in the Estonian capital Tallinn where one can find attractions for any taste: sightseeing, museums, festivals, concerts, etc.

Project host

International language camp is organised for teenagers by The Language School In Down-Town and the non-profit educational association Alternative Language Programs Satellite (ALP S) as part of their annual activities on multicultural issues for youth. The project s aim is to introduce the diversity of world cultures to the youth and provide them with good practices in intercultural communication by means of alternative English language practice which includes meetings, visits and direct contacts to young people from abroad. The project gets teens of 14 to 16 years old familiar with national traditions of the countries from all over the world, encourages them to develop their global thinking and individual initiative, tolerance and resistance to xenophobia and ethnic hatred. Camps give foreign participants a great chance to meet youngsters both from Estonia and other countries as well as to experience local life. This summer we offer you to participate in our new project called MATRIX . Camp participants will learn about different meanings of this word. Together, we will identify the ways how to improve the matrix of the modern world, how to become a better version of ourselves and how to develop our emotional intelligence. Camp participants will acquire life skills that they will need to create their own codes for personal matrices that will have power to change their life for the better. They are the smart matrices of our personalities, souls, love and success, well-being and happy life. Meetings with local and/or international professionals in the field will take place. Thematic photo and video contests for camp participants will be organized.

Directions to meeting point

Participants are expected to arrive to the camp location any Sunday within the camp dates, prior to the camp starting on Monday. Pick up on arrival is possible upon request. To assure a safe environment for all the campers, we expect all our camp participants will provide their parents letter of consent (Parental Authorization) and travel insurance certificate. IMPORTANT: Unless there are any special anti-COVID measures for minors announced by the Estonian Government on the date of your arrival, no medical or green-pass certificates are required. Before travelling please do check information on the website or or


Enquire below and we'll connect you with one of our volunteering team to help you apply or answer any questions. We can help guide you through the process for a hassle free journey to your next project.

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