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Solo Travelling

Discover the world as a solo traveller. We've got your solo travelling inspiration and guides.

Volunteers in forest

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Volunteering for solo travellers

Some of the best people you'll meet are the ones across the globe, working together! As a solo traveller you might be signing up on your own or with a friend, but you'll arrive with volunteers from some of the other 48 other countries with a single purpose. Get immersed with different cultures and give back to the countries' local community.

Featured projects

When you sign up for a Concordia volunteering project, you get access to training sessions, guidance and expert local knowledge. We have trips that last 3+ weeks starting at £250.

The Art of Recycle Project.jpg

The Art of Recycling



Environmental project in Iceland, transforming local trash to community art pieces.

Cirus practise.jpg

The Circus Project



Learn acrobatics, teach the local youth and help set up the circus for the local town.

Witches' Claws Landscape.jpg

Witches' Claws



Help preserve the natural environment while learning about the local eco system.

Sustainable farming and community work action photo

Sustainable Farming and Community Work



Working on farms for sustainable life and helping the local village people.

What others say

Join a community of like-minded individuals who embrace solo travel together. Volunteering is an experience that widens your world view and creates a life long memory, you can read some of our volunteers' experiences below.


Restoring Roman Walls in Germany

"I chose to volunteer in an isolated area of South Western Germany and did indeed re-build a Roman wall. But it is important to look beyond the surface and realise just how much this work meant to the local community. The wall had sadly been destroyed by local youths with stolen machinery. When we arrived it was a mass of rubble and moss. But seeing the smiles on our hosts faces - as they shook our hands looking at the completed wall - was worth all the many hours.


Every time I look at my photos I remember the fun times we had and look forward to next year when I hope to reconnect with the amazing friends I have made. Until then I am still dreaming up where my next project will take me.."

Teaching in Spain


"This gave me an opportunity not only to use my experience as a teacher but also to develop my skills and imagination in developing students’ linguistic skills outside a classroom setting. In our free time there were trips to Cazorla, Úbeda and Baeza, as well as hiking in the mountains, and almost daily swimming in the town’s outdoor pool, as we sought to cool off from temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. 

As I reflect on my summer of volunteering I would like to thank the people who made it possible: especially Suzi and her colleagues at Concordia"


Orphanage care in Vietnam

"I stayed for a few weeks following the completion of the project. Huong let us stay with her which provided a really intersting opportunity seeing how Vietnamese students live. She was a wonderful hostess who cooked for us and took us all over Hanoi on her motorbike to see all the sites. She genuinely couldn't have done more for us and I am forever in her debt. We also went to Sapa with Mai where we spent a night doing homestay with some of the local tribal people and it was lovely to spend some time with her too. I'm still in touch with a lot of the people I volunteered with via facebook and email and I really hope one day we will see each other again."

Real. Impactful. Locally Driven

Why choose Concordia?

  • Projects starting from £250

  • Excursions, cultural activities, and social events

  • Pre departure training day, online or in person, including cultural awareness, project readiness and health & safety.

  • You will get dedicated in person support and emergency support from our team available by phone or email.

  • Fundraising guidance

  • A post-project assessment

  • Accommodation

Volunteers decorating walls

Enquire with our team

Simply enquire with our expert team and we'll get back to you with a range of projects around your request. If you want to have a look beforehand at all our available projects, feel free to look at our volunteering projects available beforehand.

Nepal Volunteers
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